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PAC HV LV drilling grade
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PAC HV LV drilling grade

 PAC HV LV drilling grade

Product Description

PAC polyanionic cellulose is used to provide filtration control and

supplementary viscosity in most water-based drilling fluids.


• Helps control filtration rates

• Helps retard shale swelling and disintegration

• Helps provide supplementary viscosity in fresh water, sea water, and brine-based fluids


• Effective in fresh water, salt water, and brine-based fluids.

• Effective in small concentrations for viscosity and filtration control

• Stable at temperatures up to 300°F (149°C)

• Effective in moderate to high pH systems

• Environmentally safe

• Does not require a bactericide


PAC LV filtration control agent is packaged in 25kg kraft paper bag.