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Meet the spring, Hug the green
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China's Arbor Day was established by forest experts Han An and Ling Daoyang. It was initially determined on April 5th Ching Ming Festival. After the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, it was changed to March 12.

To plan for one year, it is best to plant cereals; to plan for a decade, it is best to plant trees. March 12 is China's Arbor Day. Forestation is an important measure for ecological restoration and an important way to achieve blue sky, green earth and clear water. In the morning of March 11, all employees of Henan Premtec Enterprise Corporation came to participate in the voluntary tree-planting activities in Huiji District. Some of them hold the saplings, some earth up, and some watering, buzzing with activity. Through this tree-planting activities, it improved the awareness of forestation and environmental protection, and the awareness of green-loving and protecting, while also enhancing the cohesion for our employees.